Time To Sparkle!!

I’ll be the first to say, I am IN LOVE with this clock!  To say it is a Show Stopper is an understatement! It is absolutely stunning, so this is going to be a ‘photo heavy’ post!

I started with the Large Metal Wall Clock ($19) and the large mirror from the 3 Tinted Mirrors ($19 set).

This project wasn’t overly difficult – it took about 4 evenings (a few hours a night) to complete – but I chose to use a relatively small stone – KS.8 for the numbers, so of course, that takes a little bit more time laying those.


I carefully laid the stones on the hands of the clock, but I have to mention that this does add weight to the hands, and my Husband had to tighten them slightly.  So far the clock is keeping accurate time, but I can’t guarantee this will continue to be the case – so you can either leave the hands without stones, or gently re-tighten the hands and see how you go!

I’ll give the break down of the stones I used for this project:

On the outer and inner circles I used the KS 1.2 stones.

On the centre cross and inner circle (where the hands are attached) I used the KS 2.0 stones.

On the hands I used the KS 1.2 stones.

And on the numbers I used the KS .8 stones.

So in total – 5 bags of our KS 1.2 stones

3 x bags of our KS .8 stones

and 2 x bags of our KS 2.0 stones.

This project will also take about 1/2 tube of E6000 glue.

When it came time to install this piece, I used a heavy duty screw into the wall and hung the mirror.

Before attaching the clock to the mirror, I wiped it over with some Isopropyl Alcohol to make sure the surface was perfectly clean before using the Command Picture Hanging Strips.

I’ve chosen this way to attach the clock to the mirror, so I can easily remove it when it comes time to replace the battery.  These Velcro strips will simply pull apart, the battery can be changed and then the clock can carefully be pressed back on to the mirror.

The clock is going to be a feature piece in the new ‘White Room’ I’ve been working on, so in keeping with my theme, this clock is actually set to the current time of Los Angeles and I’ve highlighted that with a Rodeo Drive sign I purchased from a cheesey souvenir store on Hollywood Boulevarde!

The room’s not finished yet, so for now, I’ll be content looking at this beauty and over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll post some updates on how the room is coming along!

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Here’s a video I made of the clock using a wonderful App called KiraKira+ – anything that causes light to reflect off it, is captured so beautifully – it really gives you a much better idea of how blingy this clock really is!

Until next time,

Happy Styling!


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