No Need To Feel Depresso Over A Bad Espresso

No need to feel depresso over a bad espresso ever again! Kmart have bought out this amazing Semi Automatic Coffee Machine with a shelf price of $149 and it makes a wonderful cup of coffee!

This machine is really easy to use, even for a coffee novice like myself. 

The machine has a few parts that you need to familiarize yourself with.

The first is the water reservoir. You can either remove this tank from the unit and fill it from the tap, or use a jug and pour the water straight into the tank while it’s attached to the machine.  If you remove the tank, make sure when you replace it, that it fits back tightly in its place.

Don’t use warm or hot water to fill the reservoir.

Next, if you’re wanting a cappuccino or latte,  you will need to fill the milk reservoir.  Remove the milk reservoir from the unit and open the lid and then pour your cold milk in.  (Somewhere between the min and max lines.)
Replace the lid and put the milk reservoir back into the unit, again making sure that it fits tightly.

Next is the Porta-filter retention cup and the two filters .. a single shot (not shown) and a double shot filter – on the right.

Choose which size filter you’d like, either one or two shot, and place that filter into the Porta-filter.
Fill the filter with freshly ground coffee and tamp it down with the measuring scoop/tamper.

Place the porta-filter under the brew head lined up with the open lock symbol and it will fit into the groove.  Then slowly turn it to the right until it is aligned with the closed lock symbol.

This chart shows how much liquid is in each serve so you can choose the right cup for your coffee.

I’m using this cup – (4 pack for $5) to brew a single shot cappuccino and it’s an almost perfect size.

And for a double shot cappuccino, I’m using this mug – (set 4 – $6) – and it too is a great size for this choice.

It’s important to clean your machine after using it to make sure nothing gets clogged up and no residue builds up. Once again, this isn’t hard … enjoy your coffee first, and then come back to rinse the machine when it’s had a chance to cool down a bit.

Remove the porta-filter and discard the coffee grounds.  Wash both the porta-filter and the filter with warm soapy water and rinse well.  Also wipe the brew head in the unit with a damp cloth or some paper towel.  Now put the port-filter back into the unit without a filter and place an empty cup under it.  Press the espresso button once and let the unit  brew with water only until it stops automatically.

Remove the milk reservoir from the unit and take off the lid.  Pour any remaining milk into a jug and put that into the fridge.  Wash the milk reservoir and the lid with warm soapy water and rinse well.  Fill the milk reservoir with water, put the lid back on and place it back into the unit. Put a large cup under the frothing tube.  Press and hold the latte/clean button for 3 seconds and then release it.  The unit will start releasing steam through the frothing tube.  Let it run for a few seconds until it runs clear.   When the water is clear, press the Latte/clean button once to stop the process.
 You will also need to clean the water tank regularly – try not to leave water sitting in it for long periods of time.

I’ve owned this unit for a while now and use it every day.  I am so impressed with how easy it is to use and to clean, and I’ve saved a ton on café coffee purchases! It comes with a 12 month warranty so if you’ve been thinking about getting yourself a coffee machine, I can highly recommend this one.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a nice cappuccino and good book waiting for me!
Until next time,

Happy Styling!



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