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A Great Kids Craft Trolley!

I can’t think of a down side to Children having access to craft materials – but I can think of a zillion great reasons to give your Kids a chance to be creative! I’ve grabbed the 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley – $29 – and filled it with colour, textures and crafty items that will grab

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Let’s Laundry! – ( Part 1 )

The Laundry – It’s quite possibly the least favourite room in your house, am I right?! I’ll admit, mine does get neglected – quite. a. lot!  I tend to throw my clothes in the washer, hit the start button and exit as quickly as I can.  When I’m putting away the pet food, or washing

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Let’s Laundry – ( Part 2 )

‘Let’s do Laundry’, said no one ever! But if your Laundry cupboards look a bit like this, you might feel a little bit more inclined to wash, dry & fold! In Part 1 we looked at the Tall/Broom cupboard – This post will show how I’ve organized my overhead cupboards.  This cupboard is the one

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Let’s Laundry – ( Part 3 )

Now that my cupboards are all sorted and organised, I wanted the benchtop to look fabulous as well,  Lucky for me, Kmart has released a whole new range of stunning homewares!! Kmart are spoiling us for choice! I have a large laundry benchtop which I use to fold laundry so I wanted it to look

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Please be advised that KmartStyling will no longer be selling stones and glue. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. xoxo Dismiss