Let’s Laundry – ( Part 2 )

‘Let’s do Laundry’, said no one ever! But if your Laundry cupboards look a bit like this, you might feel a little bit more inclined to wash, dry & fold!

In Part 1 we looked at the Tall/Broom cupboard – This post will show how I’ve organized my overhead cupboards. 

This cupboard is the one directly above the washing machine and dryer.

I’ve used 4 of the Small Rectangular Baskets – $3.50 each – on the top shelf to store electrical appliance manuals, power cords & adaptors, light globes and wax melts.
So I can easily see what’s in the baskets, I’ve labelled the shelf with some Washi Tape – 10 rolls for $5 – and then printed the stickers using the Dymo Tabletop Labeller – $23. (This machine is super easy to use and I’ll admit, a lot of fun!!)

Under the baskets I’ve use the Large Chrome Stackable Basket – $9 – to store my paper towel and next to that the Small Stackable Basket – $6 – to hold some spare toilet rolls for the outside toilet.

Next to that is one of the smaller rectangular baskets from the Set 3 Rectangle Baskets – $14 – to hold my fabric softener.

On the lowest shelf, I’ve use the Storage Turntables – $5 each – from the Kitchen department, to hold my washing supplies. (And my Febreze!) These are brilliant – makes it so easy to see/find what you’re looking for!

And to finish it off, I grabbed the new Glass Soak Jar – $6 and the new Glass Wash Jar – $8. I love this cupboard – it’s easy on the eye, and v v practical!

Next to that cupboard, I have a ‘Pet Cupboard’ – we don’t have any Kids left at home, but we do have a house full of fur!  Keeping all their things together in this cupboard makes life so much easier!

On the top shelf I’ve used an Acrylic Pen Cup – $7 – to hold their brushes and combs, and next to that, the Small Clear Drawer – $2 – to hold their Shampoos.

Next shelf down holds the litter tray liners, and some treats for Harry in the 3 Sectioned Plastic Canister – $7.  His dry food is kept in the Medium Push Close Container – $7 – and his food is stored on the 3 Tiered Shelf – $5 (mine are white, they’re now out in black, bamboo and acrylic)

On the bottom shelf I’ve got the Bamboo Tray – $7 holding their collars, leads, balls and rubber grooming brushes.  I also keep the Cats dry food in the Push Close containers and their tinned food on a three tiered shelf.

That is their ‘smiley’face!

So that’s my laundry cupboards sorted, organized and functional.  Everything is on hand, easy to see, and easy to reach for … that’s what I call wonderful! The less time spent in the Laundry, the better!

If you’d like to see how I’ve styled the bench top, (without cats), you can read about it here.

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Until next time,

Happy Styling!



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