Pretty in Pink!

This is a gorgeous, little stool and we’ll show you how to make one in just a few simple steps! Best news of all, if you have some spray paint on hand, it will only cost you $20!

You’re going to need a ‘Dipped Stool’  – $12 – ( in whatever colour you like) and a pink Zsa Zsa Faux Fur Cushion – $12.

We screwed the legs onto the stool after unpacking it to make spray painting it easier.  For this project we chose to use a metallic silver spray paint.

Follow the paint instructions and apply a few coats, allowing drying time between each coat.

Once the paint is fully dried, unscrew the legs and put them aside, while you start working on the seat.

Unzip the cushion and take the filler out.  Using a pen or marker, draw a line around the inside edge on the back of the cushion cover.

Carefully cut along this line taking care around the zipper area.  Once you’ve cut around the entire cover, remove the left over fabric, and pop the cover to one side.

Using a large needle, and some heavy weight yarn, sew a loose long stitch around the entire edge of the filler cushion.  Make sure you leave long ends on your yarn so when you’ve stitched around the entire edge you can carefully pull these threads and gather the edges.   Once you’ve pulled it tight and it’s in a roughly circular shape, tie off your thread securely.

Next lay the cushion cover down on your work area, fur side down, lay your rounded cushion insert on top of that, and the seat of the stool on top of the insert like in the picture above.

Using your staple gun, (the $7 Kmart one is brilliant!) gently pull the edges of the cover onto the back of the seat and staple into place.  It’s best to work on two opposite corners first, and then the other two opposite corners.

Once those four corners are stapled and secure, slowly work your way around the entire seat – we like to use a lot of staples and you don’t necessarily have to be overly neat when you’re stapling – you don’t see under the seat.

Now comes the exciting part – time to screw the legs back on! And the very last final step – give it a brush!

We’re fairly confident this stool will add some chic luxury to any room! It’s a real eye catcher!

These stools are rated to hold 50 kilos but we’re happy to report that it stayed quite stable with a 70 kilo body sitting on it for quite some time!

We hope you like this very pretty project as much as we do!  Don’t forget to tag us in your social media pics if you use any of our ideas or projects – we love to see them!

As always, happy KmartStyling!

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