Jingle All The Way!


This is a super simple project which yields fabulous results – and we all love that, right?!

All you’re going to need is a ‘Liverpool’  8 x 10 Photo Frame ($10) and 2 or 3 ‘Red and White Bell’ ornaments ($2 each).

You are going to need to use a Liverpool frame so you can place your bells inside the frame …. Other frames don’t have the clearance between the picture and glass so couldn’t be used for this project.


We’ve used a Word Document to print out ‘Jingle all the way’ onto an A4 sized piece of thin cardstock.


Then we took the bell ornament and found where the wire holding the bells together was joined, and very carefully untwisted it to release all the bells.


Next take the back off your frame and take out the cardboard mount inside.  To hold your print in place, turn the mount and print over and tape it securely into place on the back.


Then take all the loose bells and place them into the frame.  All that’s left to do now is put your print and mount back in, place the back of the frame on and stand back and admire your work!


Doesn’t it look fabulous?!! In the picture above we used two bell ornaments to show you how it looks and in the picture below, we used three!


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As always, have a blinging great day!

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