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Raspberry Cream Mimosa

Here’s a really great recipe for a delicious and fun Summer drink! Raspberry Cream Mimosas – try and say that without wanting one ASAP! This is such a great drink that makes you think of a Soda Ice Cream Float, only it’s better because it’s made with Bubbly! This is a recipe that I got

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What Was Once A $4 Draft Stopper … … !!

This isn’t a Draft Stopper, it’s a Show Stopper!! How gorgeous is this piece featuring the Rose Gold Baubles?!! This project only takes a few hours to create, and the results are impressive!! I started with the $5 Green Wreath and sprayed it once lightly with white paint.  Once it was dry, I used some

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Oh Christmas Tree!

Last year I suspended my Christmas Tree over our outdoor dining table and it gathered a small amount of interest on the ‘social scene’ …. Wind the clock forward one year and for some reason a picture of this tree surfaced and now it’s gathered a whole lot of attention!!The big question is, “How did

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Jingle All The Way!

This is a super simple project which yields fabulous results – and we all love that, right?! All you’re going to need is a ‘Liverpool’  8 x 10 Photo Frame ($10) and 2 or 3 ‘Red and White Bell’ ornaments ($2 each). You are going to need to use a Liverpool frame so you can

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Champagne Anyone?!

Want to keep your Champagne chilled in sophistication? We’re going to show you can make one of these for yourself, and the best part is, it doesn’t have a whopping big designer price tag! This Champagne Cooler costs under $20! We started with Kmart’s 20 Litre Metal Cooler which retails for $12. We’ve opted to

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