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Posh Puppy Bed!

Posh Puppy Bed! Once your dog sees you reading this post they will hound you (see what we did there?!) until you make one for them, and yes, they want their name on it too!  Dogs like that, according to Harry! The bed frame used for this project is the Sofa Side Table ($19).  You’re

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GONE FISHIN’ This is a fabulous way to give your cat some awesome entertainment!! Let them go fishing! And the best part, no fish get harmed in this project! Kmart sell these awesome ‘Finding Dory’ swimming fish.  They’re activated by water and are really cute the way they swim around the bowl. We purchased both

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It’s A Dog’s Life!

These pet bowls are amazing value! They come with a removable stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning and they have a rubber base which stops them sliding around when your pet eats from them.  And they are cheap! (Thank You Kmart!!) Dog Bowl Medium – $6 Dog Bowl Large – $8 Dog Bowl Extra Large

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Something For Your Pampered Pet!

We instantly fell in love with Kmart’s Rustic Cases! They come in two sizes, the large which retails for $22 and the small which retails for $17.  These cases could be used in a g’zillion different ways, they are that fabulous! When we purchased these we didn’t really have any particular idea about up-styling them,

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Please be advised that KmartStyling will no longer be selling stones and glue. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. xoxo Dismiss