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Make These Stunning Votive Candles For Under $1.40 Each!

These candles are really simple to put together, but they make a huge statement!  Simple, elegant and classy! They make a perfect addition to any wedding table. We started with this pack of 12 Votive Candles that retail at Kmart for $9.00 and very simply adorned them with one row of our KS 2.0 stones

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I’ll Just Have Water Thanks!

Simple.  Stunning.  Elegant.  This water jug will add a glam touch to any formal table setting.  The best news is, you won’t have to mortgage the house to buy one!  This finished water jug costs under $7 – seriously! Kmart have always stocked beautiful water jugs that are easy on the eye, and easy on

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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

  This is a stunning way to present both your menu and your bread at your wedding tables! They are classy, eye-catching and incredibly easy to make! We started with the Creativ White Paper Bags which come in a packet of 20 for $3.50. (That makes each individual bag about .18 cents each!) Next you

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Custom Wedding Candle For The Happy Couple!

  Having a special commemorative wedding candle is a great idea for the new couple and they can make a special keepsake as well for family and friends.  These candles are so simple to make and the design possibilities are endless – and whether you chose to add some sparkle is totally up to you!

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The Ultimate Kmart Wedding!

  Here comes the Bride Kmart Bride! We’ve been working late into the night to bring you our most astonishing project ever!  We’re so excited to share this with you – it’s quite breathtaking! Let us introduce you to the “Kmart Wedding”! – We’ve stepped outside the bounds of any normal sane way of thinking

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