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How To Lay The Stones

WARNING: Adding our stones to items is highly addictive.  HIGHLY. ADDICTIVE. We find the easiest way to pick up stones and place them is using our wax pencil picking tool. We’ve used other tools, but we believe these are the easiest and best to use. Because they have a waxy centre, you need to take

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Holding & Using The Glue Syringe

Now you’ve got a loaded syringe of glue it’s time to get started.  Like any tool, you need to learn how to hold it and use it and it’s no different with your glue syringe.  You need to hold the syringe firmly, so you have total control over the amount of glue being applied and the placing

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Sticky Stuff!

The first thing you’re going to need to know about is GLUE! So. Many. Glues. Out. There! Glue is actually a very important component in the process of adding stones to your items.  You can’t use just any glue, and no, not all glues are the same! (Please don’t be tempted to use ‘Super Glue’

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Please be advised that KmartStyling will no longer be selling stones and glue. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. xoxo Dismiss